Crea Solution is sponsor of the Confindustria Umbria conference: Meeting with fashion talents



Textile convention in Umbria

Umbria, with its deep-rooted tradition linked to textile and clothing, will host some of the most respected Italian operators in the sector on the occasion of the conference “Umbria: meeting with fashion talents” scheduled for March 9th and 10th 2018.

It will be an opportunity for an in-depth comparison on new textile innovation scenarios.

The conference will in fact be divided into four thematic tables dedicated to:

Sustainability, Finance and Training, during which the testimonies of entrepreneurs will alternate with the interventions of experts, who each for their own competences, will support companies in the sector in a process aimed at innovating products, processes and financial instruments.

A special focus will be dedicated to the Umbrian chain of cashmere, which expresses excellence in the entire production process (spinning, dyeing, smacchinatura and confection).

The speakers will include representatives of the Italian research, education, financial, entrepreneurial and institutional system.

Invited to the conference are:

Components Textile Section and Presidents of territorial and category sections Confindustria Umbria, Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria Umbria, Presidents of textile sections, territorial associations of Confindustria, Entrepreneurs of the Umbrian and national sector, Entrepreneurs associated with Sistema Moda Italia, Executives and Teachers of Umbria schools for fashion .

The event will be held at the Park Hotel ai Cappuccini – Gubbio