Crea Solution System Requirements

Hardware and software requirements


For software installations or updates, Crea Solution offers its customers a consulting service for the environment set-up *. Without an adequate analysis by the technicians Crea Solution is not responsible for any malfunction of the software and hardware environments. Software installations and updates must be performed exclusively by Crea Solution technicians.

*The consultancy service is free for customers who have signed software evolution contracts, otherwise it amounts to 95.00 euros / h



Suite CAD Crea Solution

Where not specified in a note, all requirements are intended for each application of the suite (1).
IRIS solution is sold with it’s own hardware and thus is not part of this document.
For 3D application (VStitcher / Lotta) suggested requirements are to be considered as minimum.


(1): Special custom projects may involve specific hardware (like IP-Camera or projector) and may have different hw/sw requirements.
(2): Graphics card must be currently supported by manufacturer for the installed operative system.
(3): Requirement changes through time according to the minimum Windows version supported by Microsoft
(4): Latest updates are requested
(5): Older hardware devices (like plotter) may not be compatible with x64 architecture because their drivers may not be available.



System Requirements CAD 3D

CLICK HERE to view the minimum requirements for VStitcher and Lotta software, 3D CAD.