Our servers use clean energy

The electricity used at Crea Solution Headquarter comes from certified renewable sources. Energy consumption management is crucial to reduce emissions and allow economic savings. In the next years, several energy audits will be carried out by specialist consulting companies with a view to identifying processes that affect energy consumption and on which targeted interventions are made.
There are various ways that we use to reduce energy consumption, including:

  • adoption of responsible behaviour by personnel;
  • installation of a photovoltaic system capable of supplying energy to Crea Solution and selling part of it to the free market;
  • investment in plants and devices that are more energy efficient or with lower power consumption;
  • implementation of centralised systems for scheduling the operation and timing of switching technology plants on and off, thereby reducing waste.


Everyone’s wellbeing

Crea Solution has the primary objective of creating wellbeing in its collaborators and its customers, the activity of a company can not only be oriented towards profit but must be permeated by values ​​and principles inspired by corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Thanks to the continuous investment in technologies and R&D activities, Crea is able today to provide its customers with qualitative excellence in products and a consistent efficiency in services.


The real human heritage

Knowledge, professional and human skills are the real heritage of Crea Solution. The company’s success inevitably passes from the protection of the wellbeing of the people who represent it. We invest in training Crea Team both on the professional and on the personal side, to enhance human and not just work growth.