CAD for Fashion Design

2D CAD: the most advanced CAD for fashion design and editing of patterns


2D CAD for apparel, automotive, furniture, leather and composites

Create ™ is the 2D CAD for fashion design used to create and edit patterns. It is possible to create patterns from scratch or to digitize them using the optical pen, scanner or blackboard, with of Survey ™ and Draw ™ modules. With Create you can directly import proprietary formats patterns without having to export them in DXF, with several direct importers (Lectra, Optitex, Gerber, Autodesk, Investronica and Audaces), maintaining so all the seam information and internal extensions such as notches, buttons and holes. With Create ™ many functions are done automatically to ensure rapid design and high quality of work, with the registry tools you can quickly select names and entities, quickly rename the pieces and manage the history of the patterns (opening and saving intermediate sessions , with previous work recovery). It is also easy to create size charts, generate reports and thumbnails, export to PDF, grade sizes automatically with the Expander ™. Crea is declined in his features to meet the specific needs of different industries.

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