Our main goal is to minimize the impact on the planet and improve the environment around us

Sustainable development approach

People first. Passion for innovation. The highest quality in everything we do. Creativity that guides our projects.

But above all, respect: for people, for the environment, and for what we do. We distinguish ourselves in Italy and around the world for our great passion and respect for customers, projects, and work.

We are actively engaged in various activities, both internal and external to the company, to support the United Nations’ global sustainable development agenda for 2030. We conduct ongoing internal audits, and this year, a rating agency has awarded the company ESG certification for achieving 7 sustainability goals. These collaborations serve as an incentive for us to continually improve our sustainable performance.


Our servers use clean energy

The electricity supplied to our headquarters comes from certified renewable sources. Managing energy consumption is crucial to reduce emissions and achieve cost savings. We strive to pursue a production and business management model that focuses on waste reduction, endeavors to design innovative products where possible, and utilizes raw materials and production processes with a reduced environmental impact

Our commitment to the environment in numbers

Environmental sustainability has guided every decision we make. Our servers use clean energy thanks to photovoltaic panels, allowing us to avoid carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to planting over 1500 trees. We are committed to conducting various energy audits, entrusted to specialized consulting firms, with the aim of identifying processes that impact energy consumption and implementing targeted interventions.



Our primary objective is to create well-being among our collaborators and customers. The activities of a company should not solely focus on profit but should be imbued with values and principles inspired by social and environmental responsibility. Knowledge, skills, professional expertise, and human qualities are the true assets, and the success of the company inevitably hinges on the well-being of the people who represent it. We invest in the training of the Crea team, both professionally and personally, to enhance not only professional growth but also personal development


We donate a portion of our earnings each year to support non-profit organizations that protect the safety, growth, and health of children, such as Save the Children, UNICEF, La Caramella Buona, and the Lega del Filo D’Oro.

Children are the future, and we have chosen to dedicate our resources to projects aimed at their well-being. We are particularly attached to and support the non-profit organization Faedesfa. Faedesfa is an independent, non-profit association that has been committed since 2011 to raising funds for disadvantaged families and children in need.