Shirts, jackets, trousers and tailored suits

Made to Measure innovation

The sheer quality of a tailor-made product can nowadays be reproduced on an automated basis, thanks to cutting edge innovation.


From measurement to fabric cut in 120 seconds

Crea Solution has the only 100% fully automated process exploiting AI (Artificial Itelligence) to get the highest top-level quality of a Made to Measure/Made to Order cloth with no manual work or pattern making skills.

Lets see all the automated steps that require no manual work and no specific skills (pattern making..) :

  • Measurement taken in the shop (manually or via body scanner)
  • Measures insertion in a web platform from the shop assistant and automatic creation of the order
  • Automatic creation of MTM / MTO pattern
  • Automatic nesting
  • Artificial Vision of the fabric on the digital cutter and re-adaptation of the marker according to the conditions of the fabric (squares, stripes, repeated motifs, defects, folds …)
  • Automatic cut
  • The cut patterns are ready to be sewed


A big DB for all your customers data that helps you organize your work

All this is possible thanks to a single collector of information that manages e interfaces the model area with the ERP systems and the point of sale. Once you have entered the customer’s measurements internally through a special web portal, the system will extract the patterns from which to obtain the garment and will define its characteristics. The user is guided in creating the order in the store, with the help of visual aids.


We are partners with the industry’s leading brands

Our clients know we are a transparent and adaptable partner, ready to help them to satisfy their needs with projects and products with cutting edge technology.