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Pricing Management Fashion

The Pricing Management Platform is a platform developed by Crea Solution to help big companies to create their price lists and to manage the entire sales process all over the world

Sell-in, sell-out prices’ administration

Target costing

International currencies and multiple lists administration

Outlet prices and massive operations on price lists

Mark-up prices calculation

E-commerce Integration

ERP and PLM integration

Administration of static and seasonal collections


International Pricing, the right price to each customer

The price is certainly an important strategic component but it’s difficult to elaborate in fashion marketing as it does not only relate to quality, costs and competition but becomes a random variable linked above all to the expectations of the segment to which the garment is destined.
Internationally, the pricing process is a complex activity that requires time, resources and is subject to errors that can be reflected in the entire production process and in the creation of value. Crea Solution employs a large team of professionals who are very familiar with the needs of large fashion houses and are able to develop complex projects following an analysis of the client’s needs.


Selling objectives, mark-up and administration of foreign currencies

Each company has its own specific needs and sales objectives, which is why an initial analysis phase is necessary to deepen the client’s expectations starting from the macro-target turnover and finally focusing on the individual details that make the difference. Depending on the needs, it is possible to generate different price lists by model, prefix, geographical area, color variant and other customizable parameters. This is possible thanks to the extreme flexibility of the platform and integration with the management systems already in use in companies. It is also possible to manage multiple deferred price lists over time (for example outlet price lists) and eliminate the human error in the conversion of prices based on foreign currencies. Having complete control of the sales process is simple thanks to cost management (divided by all cost items), the automatic calculation of prices derived from costs and the inverse calculation of prices given by the desired mark-up.


Operative Workflow

The operational workflow proposed by Crea Solution for a pricing software project is the result of many years of experience in contact with customers with heterogeneous objectives and needs. This process is designed to accompany the customer towards the implementation of a solution that responds perfectly to their needs and to ensure the success of the project. After assigning the project to a project leader we start with a kick-off meeting which represents a fundamental step to guarantee its success.
This meeting is useful above all to define in detail the objectives of the project, its parameters and the creation of an accurate roadmap. The kick-off meeting is represented by an initial workshop in which the team of Crea Solution will be present as well as all the collaborators chosen by the client. After having illustrated the characteristics of the platform on which Crea Solution believes it is necessary to carry out the necessary and preliminary customisations for the Pricing project, the Audit phase is crucial: ​​analysis of internal processes, needs and objectives. The purpose of an analysis is to provide a complete picture of the times, methods and costs necessary for the implementation of a project. Then the project development part begins, with the objective divided into milestones and continuous updates with the client. Installation and setup of the system with the relevant additions to existing systems (ERP, PLM, E-commerce …) and subsequent training are a fundamental step to make the customer independent of the management of national and international price lists.


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