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``Reaching the target price and avoiding human errors has clearly improved our work``

``We have reduced the delivery time of a made-to-measure garment from 45 to 16 days``

``All data in a single environment without redundancy, this is the added value of PLM Crea``

``Innovation and high manufacturing must coexist to create excellent products, with Crea it is possible``

``The integration between pattern making and PLM has significantly improved our time to market``

``We have accelerated our production thanks to the Crea systems``

``Now our pattern makers can concentrate on the real added value, leaving the operative activities to automations ``

``With Crea Solution we have reduced human errors and digitized the operational workflow``

``We stopped producing real prototypes with the CAD 3D Crea Solution, and this is having an excellent impact on margins``

``Performance goals always achieved since we integrated the Crea Solution systems``

``We have reduced the time to create a perfect tailored garment from 6 hours to 20 minutes``

``With Crea Solution's supply chain management platform we have increased the overall effectiveness of operations.``

``Time for prototyping and collection approval decreased by 20%``

``Crea Solution has allowed us to decrease the time to market by 30%``

``For high quality products like ours we needed a partner who could deeply understand our processes, in Crea we found this``

``All integrated systems, from design to production, also improve internal communication``

``With the Crea suite we can manage many materials, create and modify nesting queues even during the design phase. This means reducing processing time by at least 25%``

``We chose Crea Solution because it is the world leader in made to measure technologies``

``Achieving objectives is easier as the whole workflow is under control``

``Crea systems are very intuitive and user friendly``

``With 3D CAD we have a real and accurate representation of how collections will be designed, without real prototypes we save time and resources``

``Improved accuracy in product design and reduction of development time by 20%``

``We had to increase productivity and create efficiency in processes, so we chose Crea Solution``

``A single PLM dashboard integrated with the style area and the patterns area allows us to make faster decisions and plan collections quickly``

“With Crea Solution we have automatized all the MTM process keeping the highest quality”

“We want to be leader innovators”

“Crea Solution cutting systems guarantee the highest quality of our products”

“Accelerated productivity and margin of error that tends to zero with Crea Solution systems”

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