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Our company is able to optimize the entire manufacturing process, while guaranteeing a high quality end product.


We optimize the entire leather goods manufacturing process

Processing leather has always been a delicate process, due to the high cost of raw material and its inner complexities. Crea Solution is capable of automating processes which until a few years ago still required human labour. Thanks to the innovative artificial vision system, it is now possible to point out qualities and flaws of the material, place a pattern previously created with a leather goods CAD and cutting it into pieces, all of it without any human intervention.

Our solutions

Solutions for the entire cycle

Our added value is the deep integration and flexibility of our solutions, from the early steps of design up to the final sale.



Planning and controlling the entire manufacturing process is crucial in order to ensure management efficiency.

PLM for Fashion



We have designed a CAD system specifically for designers of leather accessories. This software includes features such as the possibility to insert metal objects or cylindrical design.

2D CAD for Leather



Managing correctly this precious raw material is essential in order to guarantee competitiveness on the market and achieve the highest production quality.

Automatic cutting of the leather Artificial vision of leather
Working leather is truly an art, it is a succession of highly complicated steps. Our optical recognition software specifically designed for leather products allowed us to increase production while keeping the standards high.

Luca Pierpaoli – Araldi Milano CEO


We are partners with the industry’s leading brands

Our clients know we are a transparent and adaptable partner, ready to help them to satisfy their needs with projects and products with cutting edge technology.

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