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E-commerce Fashion Platform

B2B and B2C E-commerce Fashion Platform


W Fashion™

W-Fashion ™ is the e-commerce fashion platform that can be integrated ERP systems that allows companies that produce ready-made or planned fashion not to avail themselves of any web agency. It will no longer be necessary to hire professionals in languages ​​such as Html, xml, sql etc., and it will be possible to publish in real time its warehouse status in order to help agents or customers directly, both with different access passwor. It also helps companies that produce ready-made fashion to have an updated catalog with the status of the warehouse and new collections. Even the companies that make planned fashion can publish stock inventories for the management of re-orders or to avoid end-of-series storage. Moreover W Fashion accelerates communication with distant production plants (Asia, Turkey, Tunisia, Eastern Europe) with real time information on failed products or production defects, being able to observe in detail the problems related to a fabric fault, a modeling defect or at a seam  in their office in Italy. Also useful for the vision of prototypes and samples and therefore for the communication between the company and its services or external partners.


Promotions, pricelist, multi-currencies, ERP integration

W Fashion™ allows you to build real B2C online shops to sell to end customers anywhere in the world, has no limits in creating different sets of sizes. It is multilingual and endless translations are possible, as it is possible to eliminate the limits placed by the exchange systems thanks to the multi-currency. The promotions are manageable with maximum flexibility, as well as national and international price lists, order collection and tools for SEO, it is in fact equipped with a CMS for the autonomous management of contents.


Sales data export, cart management and shipping costs

It is flexible in the construction of menus and adopts powerful cross-filtered and filtered search tools. The front end site is absolutely customizable and may differ from country to country based on language selection. It allows free access to the database for the export of sales data and subsequent analysis with Business Intelligence tools, as well as ensuring the management of the cart with calculation of local taxes and shipping costs and payments.


Web based, B2B portal and foreign sized set

W Fashion ™ is implemented with all new technologies as c #, Ajax, Html 5, and all Microsoft components and uses Microsoft’s SQL server as DB. The platform is completely web-based and features a back-end dashboard maneuverable by people even without IT skills. So a simple connection is enough to manage the platform from anywhere in the world. It allows you to independently create B2B portals to manage relationships with your customer base. It also incorporates an easy creation method for all Italian and foreign sizes sets.


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