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2D CAD: the most advanced CAD system to design and edit projects on your screen.


Set your creativity free with Create

Create™ is the next-generation software for the creation, edit, and grading of patterns, capable of providing intuitive and effective tools to create new patterns and storing existing ones. The pattern maker is assisted by various work tools and commands to help them in their own creations. Icons and tools are organized in a functional way, simplifying the management of internal features such as notches, buttons and holes. Thanks to the reduction of designing times, designers are able to fully express their creativity.


The features that make Create an excellent product

Create™ features modules and tools to speed up the planning and manufacturing of a piece. Through several commands, it is possible to speed up both singular and composite functions.


The faster tool to manually or automatically grading sizes.


In addition to offering a wide range of universal import/export tools, Create is able to directly import proprietary formats, such as: Lectra, Optitex and Gerber.


These softwares are used to scan sewing patterns from their paper patterns, using either a scanner or a light pen.


Discover the potential of 3D CAD

Reduce time to market and decrease developing times. Eliminate prototype production completely thank to hyper-realistic fitting of virtual items made with 3D CAD.

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