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Our strategy

The Crea referral program is an excellent opportunity to do business and offers great important advantages:

  • The possibility of doing business by sharing the names of potential customers, as well as helping your customers find the most efficient solutions for their company
  • No cost or commitment
  • No specific knowledge or personnel are required for the sale or implementation of the Crea software

The procedure for registering potential customers is extremely simple


It is a program that allows us to collaborate to offer the best software solutions to companies in the area. You will work together with the Crea Direct Sales team and our Export Managers to offer your customers excellent software solutions, used by thousands of production and distribution companies worldwide.

It will be sufficient to indicate the name of the potential customer and we will make available all our know-how and a whole range of specific solutions for specific industries. For each name indicated that will be approved by us and will lead to the sale of a software license Create, you will receive a reporting fee.

Do you have a client or a colleague who might be interested in Crea software for your company? To suggest us his name is very simple with the online form

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