The incredible PLM experience that is revolutionizing the world of Fashion.

A deep integration with all business areas, a simple and intuitive interface, a WYSIWYG approach and WEB technology to carry your data with you on your smartphone, on your tablet, everywhere.

Virtual Fitting Room

Approve or edit your collection models with virtual fitting rooms

Merchandising Plan

Assess and compare data from previous years to strategize according to your performance goals


Thanks to the seamless integration with CAD modeling software tools, you can build databases of your pieces, your fabrics and your measurement tables

Sample Dashboard

Assess and monitor all of your samples by syncing your data


Choose from up to 12 integrated sketching systems and manage the product design directly from the PLM

Manage Orders

Manage production and sample set orders


Simulate cost and calculate consumption in a simple yet effective manner


Manage all online sales with original e-commerce systems


Take care of all of your data directly from your smartphone or tablet with the web version of Tex Define which is synced with the client in real time

Pricing Management

Manage prices and analyze the product’s markup with integrated global pricing platforms

Quality & inspection

Assess production quality all over the world, examining rankings and ratings for all your suppliers


Ensure optimal management performance thanks to the ERP management systems (TeamSystem, Sap, Stealth, Navision, Dynamics ax, As400 etc.)

Designing collections

Plan your collections and create complete, up-to-date catalogs for your entire sales network and merchandising

Business Intelligence

Speed up your decision making and reduce time to market using endless dashboards

Supply Chain

Sync everything related to supply and distribution chains with one single tool

Cloud Services

Bring together all your product information through cloud services

Tex Define Web is now available on smartphones and tablets with real time syncing, always at your fingertips.


Operational control, readily available on your smartphone

Tex Define is available in both Client and Web versions. Both update in real time in order to maximize the optimization of decision making processes and to manage operational control directly from your mobile device. Sharing information is capital in the process of transforming your business. With real time syncing, data from all brands and collections are shared immediately.


Great achievements are the result of great design.

A team of experienced professionals will be working for you. Their expertise spans across many years of assistance to many clients in retail, fashion and luxury. You will be assisted in every aspect of your project, from setting initial goals to the roll-out phase. Changes can occur, and we will adapt promptly.  The first step is establishing your specific needs and goals, and assessing the added value that the PLM project will grant to your manufacturing process. The processes of data migration and integration begins right away. They take place in a short and clearly set timeframe. After the initial planning, it is time for the most important step: design. During this phase, all of the ideas and expectations emerged in the first phase become real solutions to control the performance of the product, draw financial plans and plan costs and global sourcing.


What you see is what you get

The WYSIWYG mindset is what sets Tex Define apart from its competition. It originated from our company’s clear understanding of what our clients in fashion, luxury and retail really need. Tex Define can as a matter of fact get you reports, technical sheets, BOMs and all the necessary documents with a layout close to what it is displayed on video, thanks to the software’s original printing engine. The decision-making capabilities of your business are dramatically improved as a result. The information is clear and easy to read, resulting in a clear improvement of team productivity.


Success rate: 100%

Tex Define is open it works on both Microsoft SQL and Oracle. Integrated DBs combined with centralized information has brought us to a staggering 100% success rate. Getting fast and reliable information and feedback, user-friendliness, reducing market risk, speeding up decision-making and pointing up time-consuming activities with a low added value are just a few of the improvements to your business guaranteed by Tex Define, which allows your company to straighten its priorities and optimize its workflow.


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