CAD 3D : Love your work more than ever with VStitcher and Lotta – 2019 August Edition




Crea Solution CAD 3D Browzwear Lotta & VStitcher release. As always, the focus is on making 3D apparel design and development easier, faster, and with less waste.

Slash and Spread – a super easy-to-use feature that includes real-time feedback and the ability to adjust the pattern as you go.

New and innovative fit adjustment capabilities, delivering finely detailed fit corrections with features such as stitch tension release and 3D stitching enhancements.

New integrated vector artwork support, smoothing the digital design workflow even further.

CREA CAD FASHION DESIGNIntroducing a new file format – BW. This new format makes it a snap to share files, and includes a preview image so it’s easier to find the file you are looking for. Don’t worry about your existing files, because VSP and VSGX are still 100% usable, and we will continue to support them.


Watch the video and check out the new features!


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