3D configurator: how to improve the web customer experience?




3D configurators integrated into e-commerce allow customers to be an active part in the purchasing process, it is the fastest and most intuitive way to introduce consumers to all the possible variants and combinations of the product. This greater involvement in the purchasing process makes the product just bought much more personal, allowing the customer to be more satisfied with the experience.


The 3D configurator allows a 360 degree view of the hyper-realistic 3D product.


The advantages for customers of using a 3D configurator are many :

  • It allows a total view of the product being configured, both outside and inside;
  • The interaction takes place in real time and any change to the color, material or accessory is immediately applied to the product that is being configured;
  • The shopping experience will be more engaging and the product will be unique and customized to the customer’s needs
  • There is no need for installation but the configurators can be perfectly integrated into e-commerce and working with any browser


If for customers the 3D configurator represents a better shopping experience, for the manufacturer this technology represents a real turning point in the workflow:

  • It is possible to collect analytical data on the use of the configurator and on the most selected accessories, materials and colors. These data provide reliable information on customer preferences.
  • These data give life to a new concept of production and promotional flow. If before the products were sampled in all variants, photographed, uploaded to the various e-commerce and only later they were promoted through communication and marketing operations, this is no longer the case with the configurator. It is possible to promote the product in the 3D design phase without having to produce the sample, to carry out market tests directly from your e-commerce.
  • A configurator allows you to differentiate yourself from competing brands that do not use it as well as visibility and traffic to the company website as it is integrated and perfectly connected with it
  • Also the reduction of stock in the warehouse is a huge advantage deriving from the 3D configurator, and the consequent lean-production, which translates into a drastic reduction in costs.