Crea Solution is the main partner of Fashion School Tecnologie della Moda




Fashion Service

Established on January 29, 1998, the Fashion Service was established following an agreement with BAROCCO ROMA s.r.l. (by the designer Rocco Barocco) for the supply of the complete product: from the design of the sample collection to the management of all the production of the Beautiful line. Subsequently new customers were acquired following a growing demand for services from clothing companies located in Italy and abroad. Making use of highly specialized personnel and technologically advanced equipment, it generally offers stylistic consultancy services, modeling consultancy, sample making, production management and company organization.

The educational project


The Event

On Saturday, June 1, at the Villa Romanazzi Carducci congress center, an oasis of beauty in the nineteenth-century style located in the heart of Bari, there was the presentation of the approximately seventy models designed and created by the Fashion School Tecnologie della Moda, founded 10 years ago by Roberto Larsson and his Fashion Service. From the collaboration between teachers, about fifteen students and the companies of the territory, which have combined ideas, skills and work tools, an ambitious project was born, cured in every detail and devoted to sustainability for materials and processes applied. Each of the approximately fifty looks made for the occasion was designed and engineered for trade, implementing an industrialized process that makes the garments ready for mass production. Because hope, the objective declared by the Educational Director of Fashion Technologies Roberto Larsson, is that the heads of young creatives manage to find space in the fashion market.