Désirée chooses Crea Solution as IT Partner to automate the processes of cutting plaid and striped fabrics and leather





Désirée, the luxury upholstered furniture brand of the Euromobil Group, found in Crea Solution an IT Partner capable of providing the innovative solutions it needed.

Désirée’s objectives were clear right from the start: to accelerate production with systems that reduce errors and manpower to a minimum in order to always guarantee the highest quality that distinguishes the products of this entirely Made in Italy company. The critical points lay in the vision of fabrics with particular textures, especially those with checks and stripes, which required a process that was too laborious to be cut. As well as the management and cutting of the leather.


“We have found in Crea Solution a partner with concrete solutions that will accelerate our production rhythms by automating many processes that were carried out manually, such as the cutting of plaid and striped fabrics or the management of fabric defects”





To overcome these criticalities and create efficiency, Désirée has adopted the Crea Solution automated system for automatic vision and cutting of checked and striped fabrics with defect management and the leather cutting system with a special integrated system.

Automatic loading of fabric rolls and fabric analysis with supplier ranking

Désirée now has an automated and integrated system for loading the pieces directly onto the cutting belt without the need for the intervention of an operator. Thanks to a speculum that analyzes the fabric and any defects, which will then be detected during the cutting phase, the Désirée is now able to draw up a supplier ranking through integration with software systems.

Solutions adopted by Désirée for cutting fabrics

In order to be able to quickly cut any type of plaid and striped fabric, Désirée has chosen the Crea Solution system which allows continuous cutting. The SURVEY PLAID AND STRIPES ® system is able to detect the checks and lines of the fabric, even tone-on-tone and very thin. This allows a complete and detailed scan of the material in order to perform a correct automatic nesting. While the fabric advances on the cutting mat and is viewed by the cameras, the system compares the placement to be cut with the real conditions of the fabric by adapting or reworking the placement to create a perfect match between the models and the motif of the fabric itself, the cut parts are then ready to be sewn. Crea Solution vision systems are the only patented systems that allow real continuous cutting: the fabric is cut while it is being read and never stops advancing on the cutting belt. For the automated defect management Désirée will use the SURVEY FAULT ® system which is able to detect defects (linear or punctual) and any creases due to the spreading of the fabric in an extremely precise way. In the time / space that elapses between the reading of the fabric and the cut, the system is able to re-elaborate the placed to avoid the detected defects or alternatively alter the models.

Solutions adopted for leather cutting

The single-sheet cutting systems adopted by Désirée are modular and ultra-precise, with interchangeable cutting tools capable of performing many types of processing and cutting on the leather. A special integrated conveyor system that is manually piloted helps the operators to easily load the hides onto the cutting belt.


Désirée since 1995 is the upholstery brand of the Euromobil Group. The company, active in Tezze di Piave in the Treviso area since 1968, produces sofas, armchairs, beds and furnishing accessories such as carpets and poufs, which marry the “Home soft home” design philosophy, a special aptitude for interpreting and recreating the welcoming and convivial atmosphere typical of the domestic environment. Each product is designed to be comfortable but also refined, with a design that is always distinctive and full of uniqueness.
Every detail combines functionality and aesthetics, always expressing its own particular design reason, and is carried out with rigorous and skilful care. All Désirée upholstered items are the result of courageous ideas and creative dialogues with internationally renowned designers with whom the company constantly collaborates.