Manila Grace chooses Crea Solution for Haute Couture apparel pattern making





Antress Industry Spa is an Italian company operating in the fashion industry since 1989. The Group is part of the Holding Moulin Rouge created at the end of 2011 which owns the Manila Grace and Sonia De Nisco brands, both produced and distributed nationally and internationally. Besides the Carpi headquarter there is also the Milan showroom, with a total ammount of 150 employees work actively. Both brands are positioned in the women’s clothing and accessories market and start from the premise that quality, production and design Made in Italy are fundamental standards in the creation of each product. It is precisely in order to guarantee these high quality standards the Antress group has chosen Crea Solution as its IT Partner for the pattern making, size grading and nesting of rolled fabrics. The maximum precision in the design of the models, combined with the innovation of the 2D CAD suite of Crea Solution Create ™ V11 for the creation, import and modification of patterns guarantees a 100% Made in Italy design. The managers of the pattern making room have in fact chosen Create ™ Haute Couture, the 2D CAD version for the most feature-rich pattern making to automate processes as much as possible and leave space for creativity.

Among the many features of this product we find:

Multiple fold and “open multiple fan” function

Thanks to this special feature I can enter in the “fold” command and select “multi-fold” to automatically create the number of parallel folds (normal or binder) desired simply by inserting the reference cm, already complete with notches. I can then view the model with folds both open and closed and make the size grading in both modes. With this command, the fan opening points on the original curve are highlighted with cross markers.



Secondary grain 

The secondary grain is used to decide when nesting a model if to nest some pieces following a different direction from that which is defined for the primary grain, both pieces belonging to the same material or different materials. This more than anything else to give a different plot to the final piece of the garment. In order to correctly nest the models some companies prefer to use a secondary grain at their discretion, the CAD Create ™ HC offers this possibility.


Creation of an internal pince 

With the function “Create Internal Pince” it is possible to create inside  a pince / recovery of rhomboidal shape, starting from its center. The internal pince is made up of an internal line in the shape of a rhomb with holes. The example shows a case of “internal shooting” on a front with the properties of the related dialog box.



Check Piece Alignment

Thanks to this function it is possible to check the size grading of two pieces along one side of the joint. This check will be available for all sizes. The symmetrical pieces are managed by removing the “half” flag. On the second point the line is displayed from the mouse to the first point.


Print on PDF

It is also possible to print on PDF pieces or images of the graphic area including textures so that you can open the file in vector programs such as Adobe Illustrator.

We have chosen the suite CAD for pattern making Crea Solution  because the ease of use combined with the great flexibility of the instruments will guarantee our company a quality and production speed that allows a greater concentration on the creative and design processes.

Sonia De Nisco