Crea Solution announces the release 13 of Software Suite





Crea Solution announces the new release 13 of the CAD suite for creating and modifying patterns with new functions and improvements applied to drawing, pattern making, size grading, automatic nesting and artificial intelligence functionalities. As for the other releases, it is a product born from the strong synergy between the R&D department, the PMs and the market. Months of software development in order to meet the needs of creating models with highly performing CAD CAM tools but at the same time user-friendly and intuitive, one of the many characteristics that distinguish Crea Solution.

This new version sees an expansion of the range of direct importers of proprietary formats to speed up data exchange and maintain important model information, which would be lost with DXF import, such as sewing information.

There are lots of news inside the suite! To discover them all RECEIVE THE WHAT’S NEW containing all the news and bug fixing.