Where craftsmanship and technology meet, perfection can be achieved : Sartoria Sannino & Crea Solution


The quality of the artisan tailoring can certainly be combined with the CAD technology, Sartoria Sannino, brand of Naples knows it well, with over 40 years of experience in the creation of coats in leather and fabric. The mission is to transfer, with humility and passion, all the know-how and professionalism of Neapolitan tailoring to jackets, creating a right mix between tradition and innovation, with a result that can not be compared, because it is configured as unique and special. The process of creation that embraces both the CAD platform and the high manufacturing goes through some careful phases, studied and consolidated over time, in order to guarantee a product that is not only luxurious but also of the highest quality. We start from the careful choice of fabrics and leathers and then proceed with the creation of CAD models, with Create, an instrument introduced to speed up the garment design, eliminating the defects, through the numerous features for the size development and model modifications. Then the cut takes place and the pieces are sewn by hand. Where craftsmanship and technology meet, perfection can be born, the history of Sartoria Sannino is proof of this. Crea Solution is enthusiastic about supporting the tailors, allowing to reduce the time required for the creation of paper patterns while maintaining craftsmanship.


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