The last frontier of 3D technology for fashion : Lotta 4.0 e VStitcher 8.0



Crea Solution announces the new version of Lotta and VStitcher, 3D CAD technology for fashion and clothing.

This new version sees an extremely improved user experience thanks to the new hyper-realistic 3D design features of the garments.

Watch the video to discover all the new features!



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Among the newest features we find:

Integrated V-Ray

The integration of the Ray Trace engine will allow from now on to have lighting based on background images, drastically improving the quality of renderings produced with Lotta and VStitcher, lighting is in fact one of the factors that most affects the rendering through the technologies 3D for fashion. We’ve streamlined the V-Ray rendering process by including its ray trace engine out of the box. This integrated configuration enables you to see – almost instantly – the effects of fur and other complex materials like fleece and raw edges of jeans. It also enables you to visualize the background IBL, ( image based lighting) . Want your avatar to be walking through a jungle? No problem. Changed your mind and want it strolling the avenue? The integrated composition capabilities make this easier than ever before.




Finally it will be possible to render in high quality complex materials such as fur or velvets, guaranteeing the generation of photorealistic images.



Smart Shoes

It is now possible to complete the look with adjustable smart shoes applicable to all types of avatars and mannequins. Thanks to the algorithms of this 3D technology for fashion you can use in animations or various poses.



Smart Trims

Nowadays, adding zippers to your garments is very fast, just a simple drag and drop.

Just place the hinge or buttons in the desired position and it will be applied automatically, fully functional and inclusive of all its components (slider, traction, teeth, chain and tape). Each zipper can be changed thanks to complete customization parameters.





Real Animation

Not only the countless poses can help to evaluate the wearability of a garment, from this new release are available animations, to be able to accelerate even more the decision making.






In addition to all these new features we find the following great improvements in this 3D CAD technology for fashion and clothing:


  • Interactive history: An even simpler and more intuitive interface, with easy management of the cancellation / restoration actions through the new interactive history pane
  • GIF : new support to generate GIF of the created animations
  • Open platform : it is now easy to import resources from online and cloud-based asset management systems
  • Avatar Group View : have a preview of all the sizes, collections, variations and colors will be even easier thanks to the simultaneous display of multiple avatars.


The 3D technology will become necessary for the fashion industry in the coming years, as it not only drastically increases the production flow but is also very important to reduce the environmental impact of the clothing industry on the environment. The prototype phase can be totally eliminated thanks to the 3D technologies, the realistic moving fittings will replace the real ones. Not only style and pattern making departments can streamline the workload with 3D CAD but also many other business areas through Stylezone, a cloud-based platform to show 3D prototypes made with these technologies for fashion. Through this platform it is possible to rotate, enlarge, move and interact with 3D garments from web or smartphone from the early design and development stages to merchandising. Reducing sales time substantially and collaborating with stakeholders on important design decisions, even before a physical sample is produced.