Crea Solution announces the 12th release of the suite CAD for patterns’ creation, making and nesting



Crea Solution announces the new version 12 of the pattern making CAD CAM suite with new features and improvements of the application, design, development and configuration. As for the other exits, this is a product born from the strong synergy between the R&D department, the PM and the market. The pattern making CAD is very simple to use and intuitive, one of the many features that distinguish Crea Solution.

This new version sees an expansion of the range of direct importers of proprietary formats to speed up data exchange and keep important information of the model, which with the DXF import would be lost, for example the sewing information. Among the new features of pattern making CAD Create ™ V12 we also find commands that allow to speed manual operations such as spiral development, the uniform distribution of points on a curve and parallel size grading.

Among the major highlights of the new features we find new commands that allow you to select a route and indicate the increase in size by size. Then grade automatically the useful line for the spirals and skirts, as well as commands for the grading of sizes, creation and modification of CAD models, enhancement of automatic placement algorithms.



Another element that distinguishes not only the pattern making CAD but the whole suite Crea, and that is confirmed even more by this latest release, is the great intuitiveness and ease of use, although based on very complex engines and algorithms, this suite is based entirely on Metro Office style typical of MS Windows 10 generations, with light and intuitive panels and dialogs. This guarantees a very short learning curve, after only 3 days of training the user is totally independent and ready to work with maximum productivity.



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All information related to new and improved features are contained in what’s new, available under specific request at the email address


Create ™ is the 2D CAD suite of Crea Solution for pattern making. You can create patterns from scratch or digitize paper patterns through 4 different types of compatible digitizers: optical pen (an ultra fast and easy-to-use solution), photodigitizer, the scanner for extreme precision or the classic blackboard. For the models Create is equipped with direct importers of proprietary formats (Lectra, Optitex, Gerber, Autodesk, Investronica and Assyst) that allow the CAD to import models created with other software without having to convert them to DXF, thus maintaining all the sewing information and Internal entities such as notches, buttons and holes Different automatic positioning algorithms, even more performing in this latest version, guarantee savings of up to 5% of the fabrics and leathers to be cut, thus optimizing the use of the precious raw material.

The automation of the functions is a priority for Crea Solution in order to ensure rapid design and high quality of work, with the registry tools you can quickly delete names and entities, quickly rename the pieces, quickly copy the points, assign automatically the description of the piece and manage the history of the patterns (opening and saving intermediate sessions, with recovery of previous work).

This tool is declined with different solutions specific to each sector:

Pattern making CAD for apparel, containing all the features necessary to create, modify, digitize or develop the patterns, together with the different Cliché automatic placement algorithms

–  Pattern making CAD for furniture, developed to comply with all the needs of the upholstered furniture industry

–  Pattern making CAD for automotive, verticalized on the needs of design, production speed and high quality of the finished product

Pattern making CAD for bags made specifically for bags and small leather goods, allows the cylindrical grading, the insertion of metal objects in the model and many other features dedicated to the management of leather quality giving information that will come to the automatic cutting

Pattern making CAD for composites, to meet the optimization needs of expensive raw materials


We have enhanced the CAD with macro functions that allow you to perform operations that require one hour in 55 seconds.

The real news of this rich 12 release is Booster™, the macro-environment for total automation of creating and modifying CAD patterns. In the creation of a pattern there are in fact many industrialization operations that are managed with standard and repetitive mechanisms, these activities require time and slow down the workflow. Booster™ has been designed to eliminate manual operations and is able to automatically execute in 55 seconds operations that to date manually to CAD can take from 10 to 60 minutes.



All information related to the Booster ™ features, available under specific request at the email address