Crea Solution and Browzwear X Istituto Secoli



Istituto Secoli : the international reference point for pattern making

Founded in 1934 in Treviso by Carlo Secoli, the Secoli Institute was born with the desire to spread the culture and sartorial tradition by transmitting a professional method to design and make clothes. The school has grown over the years, distinguishing itself for its orientation towards innovation, an example of the incessant research is the development of the first scientific methods of size development or the collaboration with manufacturers of software systems for clothing.

In June 1984 the first fashion show organized by the Institute was staged: today the Secoli Fashion Show is much more than a fashion show, it is a central appointment within the calendar of the Institute and an important step in the training path of each designer: for the students represents a first great opportunity for visibility. From 2018 to the emerging talents of the school – DESIGNER TO WATCH – the opening of the Secoli Fashion Show is dedicated, which today is considered by media, influencers and companies of the glamorous showcase fashion system that hosts the future protagonists of the sector.

Sofia Confortola, Wen Deng, Enrica De Santis, Giulia Martera, Sara Mattelloni, Elena Pasqualin, Benedetta Tenan


CAD 3D VStitcher classes

From this year, the Secoli Institute will open a course dedicated to 3D modeling with Browzwear VStitcher CAD systems. 3D design systems for clothing are now a must for designers and pattern makers and knowing them certainly constitutes a competitive advantage in the world of work. In particular, VStitcher is used by companies such as PVH, Adidas, Puma, Nike etc not only to accelerate decision-making and creative processes but also to publish clothing on the web even before they are produced.

The fashion industry is in fact exploiting this technology to improve performances in many business areas. Digital innovation moves rapidly and the job market requires talents who know traditional methods but who are also experts in the use of technology.