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CAD for Automotive

The CAD tool to design car seats, car interiors and components for the automotive industry

The tools

Speed up product development with Create

Create™ software allows you to design seats, interiors and components for cars and motorcycles. Use it to speed up industrial production while giving out clear and detailed assembly instructions. Moreover, it is possible to parametrically showcase corner steps, to display the textures from various fabrics and to automatically combine or separate model pieces and bends. Autodesk files can be directly imported into the program. For this reason, changes are straightforward and simple.

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The features that make Create an excellent product

Create for automotive has tools and features to speed up production of seats and components, both for cars and motorcycles. In addition to offering a wide range of universal import/export tools, Create is able to directly import proprietary formats, such as: Lectra, Optitex and Gerber.


Achieve an increase in the margin of production with automated nesting

Discover Mind Cliché™, the automatic nesting tool to maximize fabric yield.

Discover the automatic nesting for the automotive


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