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Mind Cliché for composite and technical material

Automatic nesting of composites

Our automatic nesting optimizes the use of complex raw materials such as fabrics made of carbon fiber, fiberglass, polyurethane, etc.


Optimize time with Mind Cliché

Mind Cliché ™ is the innovative automatic nesting software which can reduce production time by 98% compared to manual nesting. Thanks to a sophisticated algorithm, it can automatically place patterns from the most renown CAD softwares on the market on any type of technical fabric or material. It is possible to outline the area of interest manually or by using an artificial optical recognition system to get optimal nesting in a few minutes. The ULTRA version features multicore systems and can increase performance by about 1% to 2% in machines with physical/virtual multiprocessor.

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Save up to 5% of raw materials with Mind Cliché – the flexible automatic nesting that optimizes production efficiency.


Discover G3 Digital Cutter – the automatic cutter for the most precious materials

This digital cutter is modular, flexible and expandable, and it enables to process composite materials with pinpoint precision. Thanks to their intelligent control technology, these machines guarantee the optimization of production workflows with low energy consumption.

Discover the automatic cutting of composites


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