Suite Crea software release 13.2

CREATE CAD for pattern making and size grading



  • Automatic nesting within the HPGL and PDF export : A Plug-in has been added within Create that allows for automatic nesting within the CAD. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE TUTORIAL



  • Size charts inside reports : Within the Generate Report function it is now possible to print the size charts by choosing which sizes to appear . This function is very convenient when we have a size chart with many graded sizes. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE TUTORIAL



  • New command – Freehand line replacement : This new command allows you to replace a stroke, drawn freehand, with the outline of the piece. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE TUTORIAL



  • New command – Bend entity reconstruction in the pattern : This new command allows you to reconstruct the bend entity from an imported pattern. This function is very useful especially after importing a DXF file, if for example it has bends these can be transformed into “bends entities”. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE TUTORIAL





  • New command – Proportional automatic size grading : This new command allows you to apply proportional size grading to a group of selected pieces. This function is useful if you want to quickly grade a set of pieces, on these a development is calculated on all the sizes present in the plane, simply by selecting them and applying a value on the horizontal and vertical axis of the video. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE TUTORIAL



  • Mathematical operations within the size chart : Now you have the possibility to perform mathematical operations (subtraction, addition, division and multiplication) in the X and Y column in the development of the single or multi-selection of the rule point. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE TUTORIAL



  • Save size visibility : From now on, the «Save size visibility» function has been inserted in the F4 key, now when we save the visibility of only some sizes, we can view them with the F4 key. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE TUTORIAL





  • More visible arrow symbol : The shape of the arrow symbol has been made more visible




  • Import of some HPGLs
  • Import MDL file v.8
    • Circle import correction
    • Size grading correction
    • Correction of some seams
    • Parsing error
  • Import Investronica : multiple size plan
  • Import Gerber : development of undersize
  • Import Audaces : development fix
  • Import FK : correction of hole development
  • Change of cut origin point


CLICHE’ nesting algorithms



  • Fixed bug where notches not exported if negative drop
  • Fixed bug about some Spanish translations
  • Fixed bug about some Turkish translations
  • Export of frame hooking points in HPGL


GATEWAY queue management system



  • File System – Import preview : Now when importing the markings to create HPGL and ISO, data such as height, length and size of the marker is visible in the preview.


  • Nesting export : Now it is possible to export in multi-selection of the markings in PDF files