Suite Crea software release 14

We are excited to announce the launch of version 14 of the Crea Solution software suite, a release that marks a significant step forward in the evolution of our platform. This update introduces a series of new features designed to enhance the user experience and optimize workflows. Another major innovation is the integration of artificial intelligence into the suite, bringing advanced automation and improved precision.


Survey Fabric 14

Let Artificial Intelligence guide you

We are pleased to announce the integration of artificial intelligence in Release 14 of the advanced Survey Fabric software, which is part of our IRIS system for fabric analysis and cutting. This significant update introduces fully automated parameterization for any type of fabric or image. Artificial intelligence optimizes the process, making complex operations extremely simple and intuitive. It eliminates errors and minimizes the need for manual intervention, leading to a significant reduction in the complexity of parameterization. With AI, transform your workflow with unprecedented efficiency and precision.


The latest version 14 makes Survey Fabric even more powerful and intuitive, effectively meeting the needs of professionals.

Among the numerous new features of this application, we find:

New Advanced Filters

Release 14 introduces specialized filters for the parameterization of complex fabrics, such as tone-on-tone, herringbone, and pied de poule. These filters are designed to address and simplify the specific challenges of previously difficult-to-manage fabrics.

Cutting Origin Point Selection

With the latest update, users can now select the cutting origin point with just a click of the mouse. This eliminates the need for manual settings via the Zund keyboard, making the process faster and less prone to errors.

Simplified Logo Cutting

Logo cutting has been simplified, allowing for greater ease and precision. This makes the software ideal for applications requiring detailed and high-quality customizations.

Group Management with Meeting Points

A new group management feature has been implemented, allowing the definition of meeting points, facilitating collaboration and project organization. This update is particularly useful for teams working on complex cutting layouts who need precise control over assembly processes.

Fixed Bug in “TRANSLATE AND ROTATE” Functionality

The “Translate and Rotate” functionality has received significant bug fixes, greatly improving stability and reliability when manipulating images and fabrics in the software.


Images and printed fabric reading

We are also proud to announce that with the new release 14, Crea Solution will introduce a revolutionary product: Morph-x

These innovations represent a significant advancement in fabric reading and management. Morph-x is designed to offer advanced management of image and panel fabrics, significantly improving the quality and efficiency of the production process through its precise recognition of figures and patterns.

Morph-x, also introduces a pattern deformation and adaptation technology that ensures seamless continuity in the cut pattern pieces and the finished garment. This allows for perfect assembly while preserving the integrity of the original design.



This product will be available soon in the Suite Crea Solution per IRIS.



Create 14

CAD for pattern making and size grading

The latest version transforms the Create software into an even more effective and user-friendly CAD tool for pattern making, precisely meeting the demands of industry professionals. Among the main innovations of this version, the following stand out:


It is now possible to create a component by selecting a specific portion to which a user-determined thickness is applied. This functionality is particularly useful for designing internal details such as necklines or belts. Click here to watch the tutorial video.


In the latest released version, after uploading an image to the workspace, you can now assign it real dimensions. By selecting two specific points on the image, a window will open where you can enter the desired real measurements. Confirming these measurements will automatically resize the image, adjusting its width (X) and height (Y) to reflect the specified real dimensions. Click here to watch the tutorial video.



You can now define matching rules on pieces using the predefined matching tables in the pattern. The newly introduced command allows you to visualize the connections between various components and verify, if necessary, the previous use of certain codes. Click here to watch the tutorial video.


NUOVI SCALINI : Scalini su angoli dove la cucitura sulla sezione seguente o successiva è uguale a zero








NUOVI SCALINI : Scalini con doppie simmetrie






NUOVI SCALINI : Scalini che arrotondano gli angoli






The MDL importer has been improved, mapping new steps.

BUG FIX: Notch Generation

The latest release fixes a bug in the notch generation function at a specific distance from a point, improving the accuracy and reliability of fabric marking. This update ensures that notches are always correctly positioned, optimizing the cutting process.

BUG FIX: Simplified Piece List Compilation

We have simplified the process of compiling the piece list, eliminating the need to confirm each data entry with the ‘Enter’ key. This improvement significantly reduces CAD slowdown, allowing users to work faster and without interruptions.

BUG FIX: Workspace Refresh

An important update has resolved the workspace refresh issue in the Create software, improving system responsiveness and fluidity during drawing and project modifications.

BUG FIX: Updated DXF/ASTM-AAMA File Import

The software now supports updated importation of DXF/ASTM-AAMA files generated by Lectra V.8.R4, ensuring smoother compatibility and integration with files produced by one of the most widely used CAD systems in the textile industry.

BUG FIX: Importing Meeting Points in DXF from Investronica-PGS

The capability to import specific meeting points in DXF files generated by the Investronica-PGS system has been introduced, facilitating the management and assembly of pieces in complex production processes.

BUG FIX: Importing Autodesk DXF from Investronica-Marka

The software can now handle the importation of DXF files generated by Investronica-Marka, further expanding options for users needing to work with various formats and platforms.

These updates reflect our continuous commitment to improving the efficiency and usability of the Create software, ensuring that users can benefit from the most advanced technologies to optimize their production processes

Cliché 14

Auto nesting

In our latest version of the Cliché software, we have made several significant corrections and improvements to ensure an optimal user experience and greater software reliability. Here is a summary of the key points of this release:

Nesting for Plaid Piece Allocation Optimization

The latest version of Cliché software introduces innovative nesting rules for optimizing the allocation of plaid pieces. When a component, intended to be duplicated (quantity 2) and arranged in an opposite manner (top/bottom), is labeled with the prefixes _JKT1 and/or _JKT2 for jackets, or _PNT1 and/or _PNT2 for pants, the software ensures these two elements are allocated close together on the workspace. Similarly, if two single pieces (quantity 1 each) are identified with the prefixes _JKT2DX and _JKT2SX for jackets, or _PNT2SX and _PNT2DX for pants, they will be positioned next to each other, facilitating a coherent and streamlined placement.

Pattern Name

A new feature has been introduced that allows users to view the pattern name simply by hovering the cursor over the nesting name.


BUG FIX: Piece Rotation

We resolved a critical bug in the HPGL and ISO file generation process that affected the correct rotation of pieces. Users can now expect more accurate results in line with the initial specifications.

BUG FIX: Direct Import of Autodesk DXF Files

The functionality for direct import of DXF files produced by Autodesk has been implemented, significantly improving the compatibility and efficiency of the import process.

BUG FIX: Addition of a Quality Rule for Piece Rotation

We introduced a new quality rule that allows pieces to be automatically rotated by a predefined angle, optimizing the arrangement of pieces and the quality of the final cut.

BUG FIX: Improved Row Management in Grids

We improved row management in grids, allowing users to organize and view data more effectively, thus facilitating navigation and interaction with the software.

BUG FIX: Group Export to PDF

A problem that prevented the correct export of groups in PDF format has been fixed. This update ensures greater flexibility and precision in data export.

BUG FIX: Unification of Units of Measurement between Survey and Cliché

We resolved a bug related to discrepancies in units of measurement between Survey and Cliché, ensuring total consistency and improving integration between the different modules of the software.

.CreaFit 14

Systems for Custom Automation (MTM and MTO)

We are pleased to announce a significant improvement in the CreaFit software with the introduction of a new command that will revolutionize the way our users manage piece assembly. The new command, ‘Create Match Mark’, allows users to precisely define the meeting points between different components, significantly facilitating the assembly process.