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Increase your market share and your margins at the same time

A sound commercial development leads to an increase in sales opportunities. In order to generate such development, it is necessary to possess smart tools which can offer quick and precise solutions. Crea Solution helps its clients build a solid commercial network with worldwide pricing management tools, B2B e-commerce solutions, and powerful tools for inventory management or sales performance assessment.


Crea solutions for the sales & marketing departments

Drawing from our extensive expertise, we offer solutions aimed at speeding up corporate communications, increasing sales and developing the business network.


B2B and B2C E-commerce

W-Fashion™ enables companies which manufacture clothing, bags, footwear, and accessories to increase their sales opportunities. It does so by giving companies the possibility to have a catalog showcasing what is currently on stock and to manage orders so as not to have any unsold stock, thanks to possible sales before the end of the season.

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Visual Merchandising

TEX-STORE™ enables retailers and their partners to communicate quickly and accurately by providing information on the progress of the visual design of the store. The implementation of the concept and its sales performance can be assessed faster than ever.


Planning the retail channel

Advanced software and innovative analysis techniques help improve business processes thus increasing company profits. Crea solutions help minimize inventory shortages and discounted sales, thus optimizing sales performance.


International pricing strategies

At an international level, the pricing process is a complex task which is prone to errors and requires time and resources. Price Management Platform is a software created by Crea to tackle these problems – this is a comprehensive solution which helps big companies create their price lists.

Pricing Management Fashion
In Crea, we found a partner that can meet our needs and transform our ideas into concrete and optimal customized projects

Oscar Grignolio – CTO of Dolce & Gabbana