Towards the new horizons of Industry 4.0

Innovations for the production in the fashion industry

Crea Solution enables its customers to implement Industry 4.0 within their production processes


Maximum return on investment and operational excellence

To maximize profit, companies must reduce production times and the waste of materials. This can only be achieved with excellent tools. Crea Solution offers solutions to automate the entire production process and to achieve an operational excellence based on speed, precision, and the absence of errors.


Crea’s solutions for production

Drawing from our extensive expertise, we offer solutions aimed at optimizing the production processes in order to ensure a continuous and efficient workflow.


The only smart software for automatic nesting

This is the latest automatic nesting software, which can combine standardization and flexibility. Thanks to an algorithm, it generates optimal placements quickly and allows complete cost control by minimizing and calculating waste material.


Plotter with different printing technologies

Our plotter is a combination of technology, design and reliability, thus ensuring excellent performance and high precision.

Plotters for Clothing


Automation of the cutting room

We provide companies with tools which can help achieve the best value for money throughout the whole production cycle, with tangible accuracy which only the best automatic cutting systems can guarantee.


Optical recognition and cut of the leather

It is a system that identifies quality areas, carries out the nesting and cuts leather ensuring optimal material use.

Discover the IVS Software for automatic nesting of leather


Cutting of chequed and striped fabrics

Match™ is the innovative system for optical recognition of fabrics with patterns which ensures a millimeter precision cut.

Discover the Match Software for Striped Fabric Matching
Crea Solution is not only an optimal solutions supplier, it’s a partner that embrace all the needs of its clients givign complete support

Carlo Barbieri, Pattern making area manager of Twin Set – Simona Barbieri  S.p.a.

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