PASSION FOR FASHION – Crea Solution and the young pattern makers


Crea Solution has an eye towards the future and young fashion talents, for this reason on April 19, 2018 at the ISS De Lilla fashion institute a training day is held for young pattern makers and stylists, to show how the digitalization of the creative process can give space for creativity by automating processes. The day will be a real demonstration of the transition from manual mode of work to digital and automated form. Through the digitization of the patterns it is possible to import them in the CAD and make them immediately ready to be updated with the software. There are various types of digitization, methods that are distinguished according to the needs of the pattern maker. In fact, it is now possible to digitize the paper patterns through an optical pen, simply by reviewing the profile, for a faster digitization you can use scanners, blackboards or photographic structures that capture in short time the pattern dots. This step is very useful for pattern makers who want to switch to digital model production. Besides the import of the model there is also its modification, the size grading, the creation of patterns, the nesting on fabric, all features that with a CAD for pattern making can be done in a few clicks, intuitive and effective tools to create new patterns and storing existing ones. The pattern maker is assisted by various work tools and commands to help them in their own creations. Icons and tools are organized in a functional way, simplifying the management of internal features such as notches, buttons and holes. Thanks to the reduction of designing times, designers are able to fully express their creativity.


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