Cristina Effe e Crea Solution focusing on young people





High quality materials, continuous stylistic research, creativity, love for beauty, craftsmanship and attachment to one’s own history are the values ​​that distinguish  Cristina Effe fashion brand. Bertelli srl is in fact a fashion company that for over 20 years has been operating in the textile sector serving the markets of Italy, Russia, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Hong Kong and China.

The company, thanks to the technologies acquired together with Crea Solution, has digitized the creative processes through CAD systems that accelerate the production and creation of clothing patterns. And it was thanks to the great intuitiveness of these systems and the usability of the platforms that Bertelli was able to organize every year a highly formative experience within the company for young aspiring modelers from all over Europe. The young people who have joined these activities and will participate again this year are very enthusiastic because in a rapid learning course they are able to contribute to business processes. All this has been possible thanks to the initiative of Lorenzo Santachiara, operating director of Cristina Effe for over 10 years, which has a corporate vision that points to the future, to young people and welcomes the new challenges of globalization and digital communication.

The vision of COO Lorenzo Santachiara 

When did you begin to feel the need to digitize business processes?

I have always been interested in the evolution of technology  since my first experience in Max Mara in the 80s within their first CAD system . Consequently I have always been attentive to what was offered by the market on the front of these kind of technologies, the meeting in the 90s with Mirko Zilli and the born friendship did the rest.

Where did your will to invest in training young Europeans come from and give life to this training project?

I believe that the need to live in the field what the school teaches you is a fundamental part of the knowledge that a model maker and a technician must have and even if in a small company like ours it can become difficult to implement, we managed to get out of our company, European guys “satisfied” with having actively collaborated in the realization of a company project.

What made this training experience possible?

I must say that my tenacity and  the availability of the property that has indulged me in this decision, to the availability of Crea Solution in having supported us in an exemplary manner in technological terms and above all to the ease of use of the CAD for pattern makign made available that are easy to use everyday for all students have led us to be able to face these experiences (we are now in the fifth year of collaborations with important European fashion technical schools) with great serenity and satisfaction of all interested parties.

How important is it for Italian fashion companies to invest in young people?

It is increasingly important to be able to “offer” the know-how to young people directly on the problems of the company as we try to do with the boys during these stages because the future in fashion we will play only with the young people who will be required (and will be many in the coming years) for a different way of managing our world.

Given its many years of experience in the sector, what are the differences between former professionals and young millennials and the z generation?

I don’t think it’s right to talk about differences, the technicians of the past have faced experiences in the field that today are less and less required of young technicians. If the faconists were once taught to sew, today we feel less need of this or we feel it in a different way to keep up with technology or to manage the reshoring taking place in Italy. On the other hand, from the young we must surely manage their “normal” use of technology because this competence will increasingly be required at various levels of operational intervention in the company and it will be necessary to enhance their competence

Do you have any advice for Italian companies that want to invest in young talent?

Do it!