Joma reduces prototypes and decreases time to market with the 3D CAD



Joma chooses Crea Solution as IT partner for the digitalization of creative processes and rapid prototyping with 3D CAD Lotta & VStitcher. The first sportswear company, which today distributes its products in 70 countries, chooses the prototyping of virtual garments to accelerate the time to market of 35% and reach national leadership, drastically reducing the production of prototypes.



VStitcher is the main 3D virtual prototyping solution in the sector for modelers and designers, which allows you to instantly transform 2D models into realistic prototypes, being able to immediately verify the fitting (with a real simulation of body pressure and tension and elasticity of the fabric) . A wide range of customizable dummies is available in more than 20 poses and parametrized. The integration with the 2D CAD for the creation of the Create models allows a fast and streamlined workflow, improves the communication between the style area and the model area without leaving free interpretation of the figures. It is therefore possible to save time due to the printing of the model, to the realization of the prototype, to the fitting with the modeling machines and to the siphoning of the garment simply by observing the realistic fitting.










Lotta is instead used to improve product design processes, with Lotta you can access a well-stocked library of basic models that can be modified by adding fabrics, cuts and details. Fast and intuitive, it is perfectly integrated with Adobe Illustrator and allows loading the necessary textures to obtain an infinite series of variations of the garment.











The 3D CAD is in fact revolutionizing the clothing industry because it allows you to skip all the phases concerning the creation of prototypes (printing the paper pattern, cutting and packaging of the garment declined in various colors, edit defects) and consequently reduces the use of resources and time, the powerful 3D CAD Lotta and VStitcher is the only one that owns a vast fabric database as well as giving the possibility to import their own tissues thanks to a special machine able to detect their eslasticity, bending, weight and all the various properties. It is thus possible to have a result that is not only realistic from a visual point of view, but also from the point of view of fitting.


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It’s amazing how this 3D CAD has lightened our product development processes to such an extent that it has a significant impact on time to market.

Joma Creative Team