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2D/3D CAD Integration


Instant 3D simulation during design

The 2D / 3D integration allows working simultaneously on the pattern and on the 3D prototype. Immediately visualizing the garment and all the changes with real definition during the design let you to avoid the prototyping phase, speeding up the work flow considerably.

Get many different outfits with Lotta from just one 3D model created with Vstitcher!


Can you decide based on 3D?

The creative process is never siloed. Using a digitally accurate 3D sample makes it easy to validate and finalize the design process across the organization. A fit evaluation process, conducted on a true-to-life 3D sample that is uncompromisingly accurate, streamlines processes and increases the reliability of the decision.


Ready for your e-commerce

The partnership between Metail and Browzwear has given rise to a new flow of garment management for e-commerce. With these tools it is possible to create hyper-realistic images of the newly designed 3D garments, with the faces of their models. The image opposite is not a photograph, but a 3D render ready to be included in e-commerce. Without having to produce prototypes and without having to do photo shoots.

Case History

COLUMBIA: the leading company that is fully exploiting the power of 3D in the digital process.

When it comes to fashion, Columbia Sportswear has always been at the forefront of innovation. Now, they are becoming even more innovative by means of a technology that makes them more creative, saving time and cutting prototype production.

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