Printed fabrics, all-over, striped and checked fabrics : 2021 fabric trends




The 2021 fabric trends see huge colored prints, checks, stripes, animalers, flowers, dots, next spring geometric and optical patterns with different shapes, the important thing is color!. Polka dots combined with animal prints, flowers and denim, brocade and silk, checks and quilted fabrics, embroidered and pinstriped figures. To reign will be the transparent prints on dresses with light fabrics, shaded flowers and leaves embellish the total floral looks on warm beige and powder shades that decorate the garments with “foliage” prints.

Printed fabrics, all-over, checked fabrics and repeated motifs

Producing garments with printed, all-over, repeating, plaid or striped fabrics takes much more time and energy, especially when it comes to high fashion. The positioning of the prints, allovers or motifs must be precise and requires considerable manual work. At the same time, for the sport and atlheisure industry, where the patterns are often printed directly on fabric to create efficiency in the raw materials, it requires work by the operators to cut and profile every single piece of the pattern.

photo: from left Cividini, Marni, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Maryling, Prada, MM6 Maison Margiela, Emporio Armani, Beatrice B, Fendi (


The latest innovations in this field have combined Artificial Intelligence and vision systems to be able to carry out all the work that today is done by hand in a completely automatic way. Crea Solution R&D department has always been focused on innovations that will make textile production faster and more sustainable in the future. The worldwide patented system Crea Solution is the only one able to guarantee the continuous cutting of the fabric.

Continuous cutting

Cutting the fabric continuously means obtaining a 100% automatic production process in which the cutting system never stops, not even to read the fabric. Patterned fabrics, whether they are all-over, checks, stripes, prints or repeated motifs (such as letters, numbers or symbols) are read by the machine vision system without the need for manual work by an operator. The reading of the fabric not only takes into account the motifs or graphic characteristics, but also the defects of the fabric itself (punctual or linear) and the drafting of the material (if it has folds), in this way the Artificial Intelligence comes into action making decisions on a human level very quickly, adapting the nesting to the real conditions of the fabric. The moment the fabric is read it is cut, without hesitation or downtime. This allows an incredible increase in productivity as well as the possibility of taking advantage of 100% automatic cutting systems.



Specific systems

Crea Solution has developed specific solutions for the different types of garments, all patented. For sportswear, it offers advanced solutions capable of simultaneously reading and cutting the profiles of patterns printed on fabric without the need to profile or cut them manually. For the production of tailored and non-checked and striped garments there is an innovative system that allows the fabric to be read automatically, as well as for fabrics with repeated or all-over motifs. The reading of the fabric defects and the consequent modification of the placed automatically is used by the big brands also for the solid colors, in order to save as much fabric as possible.