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Fashion Design Software

TEX DESIGN is the software application for drawing, coloring and presentation used by more than 3.500 fashion designers around the world.


Storyboards, color sampling, dynamic colors and realistic fabrics

Creating garments or entire collections using vector technology and bitmap in the same interface allows designers to focus exclusively on creativity. Tex Design™ is the fashion design software used by more than 3,500 fashion designers around the world for designing, coloring and presenting fashion collections. Draw a croquis or plan an entire collection with this software, using a DB to manage color palettes, easily creating allovers and patterns, creating variations starting from the same model in just a few clicks and much more…


Showcase your designs even before creating a sample

This exclusive Tex Design™ plug-in gives the designer the ability to see newly designed creations on a model, even before manufacturing the first sample. Photographs will give your presentation a professional and realistic touch.


Design knitted fabrics and export data for manufacturing

This is the extraordinary tool to design knitted fabrics. Tex Knit™ allows you to display your projects in 3D. Users are guided and helped by our extensive tools library. You can export data in a format that is ready to be processed for the manufacturing phase.


Vector graphics and bitmap images in the same interface

Tex Line™ is a Tex Design™ plugin. The designer can create technical drawings using a vector line format. Tex Line™ allows you to place text and directional arrows on the picture, describing the technical aspects of the design. Being objects, it is possible to remove them from the picture at any time, so that the image can be used for creative work as well.


Creating and simulating dye models and textures on yarn fabrics

Yet another extraordinary Tex-Design™ plugin will allow you to create and simulate textures and dye models on yarn fabrics. You can use fancy yarns, shaded yarns, and brushing tools to give you a very realistic texture simulation. Designs can be made using either intuitive graphic techniques or by entering the related technical information.


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