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Mind Cliché for the automotive industry

Automatic nesting for the automotive

The smart automatic nesting which speeds up production performance.


Optimal resource management with Mind Cliché

Mind Cliché™ is the automatic nesting software which meets the needs of manufacturers of seats and components for the automotive industry. It ensures continuous workflow (24 hours a day) thanks to the creation of nesting queues and it makes it possible to save up to 5% of fabrics, composite materials or leather. Waste reduction and production times performances can easily be assessed via reports. Mind Clichè™ can automatically nest even patterns in Lectra, Gerber, Optitex, and Investronica formats.

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Save up to 5% of raw materials with Mind Cliché – the flexible automatic nesting that optimizes production efficiency.


Leather seats? Discover IVS

IVS™ is the innovative system for artificial optical recognition and detection of quality areas in hides, thus enabling the complete optimization of this precious and inherently complex raw material. Optical recognition, automatic nesting, multiple nesting and DB storage enable continuous production.


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