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Plotters for Clothing

Crea Solution and Algotex joined efforts to create state-of-the-art plotters for clothing, designed for those who need the most sophisticated and high levels of productivity.


Design and reliability make for a an outstanding and easy-to-use plotter

These are exceptional machines, combining quality, technology, and user friendliness. Every technological and innovation detail has been designed to achieve one fundamental goal: providing an user friendly quality product with a revolutionary design.


Industrial inkjet technologies with pinpoint accuracy

Our plotters for clothing are designed for those who need the highest, most sophisticated levels of productivity. Our machines are the excellence amongst inkjet plotters on the market. They offer great stability, less work for operators and a high production output. The only operation required by the operator is loading paper.


Discover the most sophisticated 2D CAD system for creating and modifying patterns.

Create™ is the next-generation software for creating, editing, and grading patterns which provides intuitive and effective tools both for creating new patterns and storing existing ones.

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