Leather Automatic Nesting

IVS is the integrated system created with artificial vision and able to undergo the automatic nesting of the leather, with the consequent recognition of the quality and defect zones of the various pieces.


IVS™ Software & Hardware

Leather has always been one of the most precious material due to its heterogeneity. IVS is the integrated system that allows the artificial vision of the leather, with the consequent recognition of the quality and defect zones and the automatic nesting of the pieces. IVS Software is the new software platform capable of projecting and nesting the pieces of the pattern on the leather in an extraordinarily fast and precise way, optimizing the material as much as possible. IVS Hardware is the support structure that allows total control of the nesting through projectors and screens. This artificial vision system for the automatic nesting of the leather is available in three different automation levels, to meet the main needs of the fashion, leather goods, furniture and automotive sectors, it is able to work with any type of leather. It is therefore possible to adopt a lean production as well as exploit a 24/7 production cycle, IVS is in fact the only system that allows the storage on DB of the leather viewed off-line and the multi-nesting. The off-line artificial vision allows to recognize, classify and code an infinite number of leather, which will subsequently be cut, the automatic cutting machine will not alternate between production peaks and stops, but will be at 100% of its productivity with continuous cutting without interruptions. A streamlined and simple work flow increases production capacity and guarantees products of the highest quality as well as a drastically reduced time to market.


Automatic nesting of leather with on-line projection of pieces

In the first level of IVS ™ automation a projector is mounted directly on the loading area or cutting area of the digital cutter, the operator will stretch the leather under the projection and nest the pieces directly on the material, seeing them projected. In this way he will have total control of the actual nesting before the cut.


Auto nesting with on-line projection

Also in this second level of automation the projector is mounted directly on the loading are or cutting area of the digital cutter, the operator will stretch the leather under the projection delimiting the outline through a rapid process of digitization, the automatic nesting software on leather will provide the positioning of the pieces optimizing the leather to the maximum. The speed of this solution accelerates production rates and improves nesting performances.


Automatic nesting with off-line leather detection

At the highest level of automation, dedicated to sectors that require considerable production speed, such as the automotive and the furniture industries, the projector and cameras for the artificial vision of the leather are also mounted on an inclined off-line table. The leather on the off-line table, will perform the detection of the outline and the software will automatically nest the pieces, with the possibility of nesting some parts manually. A bar code will then be applied to the leathers to allow the digital cutter to recognize the individual leather. The projection will then be mounted on the off-line table, in order to see the nested pieces on the material and have complete control of the nesting. The operator of the cutting machine will then load the nesting file recalling the leather with the barcode on the ZUND cutter, that will perform the cut. The storage of the leathers previously viewed off-line, codified with the barcode in the DB allows to have the cutting machine always operational and a 24/7 workflow.


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