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Leather artificial vision

Artificial vision and able to undergo the automatic nesting of the leather recognizing quality and defect areas


Innovation and research

Leather has always been one of the most precious material due to its heterogeneity. Crea Solution system  allows the artificial vision of the leather, with the consequent recognition of the quality and defect zones and the automatic nesting of the pieces.


The system that replaced the human eye

Crea Solution’s artificial vision system dedicated to the leather sector is able to recognize areas of quality or defect in the leather in a fully automatic motion. By recognizing the areas where it is necessary to place the parts of the models, the system performs the positioning and cutting in total autonomy, without the need for specialized personnel.


24/7 Continuous cycle leather cutting

It is possible to adopt a lean production as well as to exploit a continuous cycle production 24/7, IVS is in fact the only system that allows the storage on DB of the leather viewed off-line and the multi-placement. The off-line artificial vision allows to recognize, classify and encode an infinite number of hides, which will subsequently be cut, the automatic cutting machine will not alternate between production peaks and stops, but will be at 100% of its productivity


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