Striped Fabric Matching

The vision system that uses artificial intelligence to recognize and nest patterns on checked fabrics, stripes or repeated images.


Match™ Software and Hardware

Over 70% of men’s suits are made of fine fabrics with checked patterns, stripes or repeated images, in order to serve the market with products of the highest quality, it is necessary to respect very high standards. A clear index of merit of these men’s garments lies in the millimeter precision of the cut of the pattern pieces. Crea Solution offers the innovative artificial vision system able to automate a process that is currently done manually. The entire process proposed by Crea Solution is based on AI Artificial Intelligence, the system is in fact able to replace the human eye recognizing the conditions of the fabric spread on the cutting machine through linear cameras and perceive every single fold or defect, reading over 35.000 cross points for each square meter of fabric.


The bow matching on the automatic cut allows the algorithm to work directly on the fabrics a few seconds before the cut and to modify the placed to obtain an excellent production.


Save up to 12% of the fabric more than any other solution thanks to the off-line vision, the deep integration of software and platforms and all the other tools included in this process.


With these systems, the production of garments with checked, stripes or repeated images fabrics will be automated and the quality guaranteed by manual and craftsmanship will not be compromised. The production time of a garment will be drastically reduced, giving efficiency to the entire production cycle.


On-line and Off-line Artificial Vision

The proposed process starts from the off-line vision of all the fabrics that will be involved in the cutting process. The rolls of fabric must therefore be acquired by the artificial vision system in order to set the calibration parameters, identify any defects that will be marked, detect the average pitch of the panel and memorize the structural features, in a centralized DB, associating them to the piece identification code. A first auto nesting software in the pattern area will do the nominal nesting based on a grid, then forming the basis for determining the length of the fabric during drafting and for defining the criteria for reading the detection system. The operator, after loading one of the pieces available on the feeding cradle of the system, will proceed to advance the material so that the first part of the fabric is detectable by the vision system. The control software of the cutting machine will start the advancement of the belt, which will take place several times, in the longitudinal direction, with a variable pitch depending on the size of the pieces to be nested and at the same time will start the detection of the squares cross, stripes and defect areas. In the very short timeframe that separates the on-line vision with a linear camera and the cutting, the auto nesting software will re-elaborate the nesting or the patterns in order to obtain an optimal cut taking into consideration folds and defects of the fabrics. These two systems, when combined together, guarantee zero manual work and will eliminate errors and defects in the final garment ensuring the highest quality, this allows you to have a continuous cut without interruption of the fabrics.


Split of the acquisition time and cutting of striped or checked fabrics

Lo split del workflow tra visione on-line e off-line offre il vantaggio di acquisire le immagini nella modalità di sovrapposizione dei tempi, ovvero contemporaneamente al taglio del tessuto, evitando di attendere i tempi di acquisizione dell’immagine. Da evidenze empiriche si stima un risparmio di tempo indicativo tra il 35% ed il 45%.


100% of fabrics on board

The current spreading system is provided on the cutting table by reading the fabric. With the systems on the you can find on the market today the repositioning of the fabrics completely interrupts the workflow. In fact, today it is necessary to manually re-take the fabric from the cutting system, re-position it and re-execute it on another totally manual table. As of today, approximately 70-73% of the fabric can be cut. Match will allow you to bring on board the cutting system 99,5% of the fabrics that can be cut automatically thanks to the delayed reading of the fabrics.


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