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Automatic vision and cut of plaid and striped fabrics

The vision system that uses artificial intelligence to recognize and nest patterns on checked fabrics, stripes or repeated images.


Over 70% of the dresses are produced in fabrics with allover, plaid, stripes and prints

Over 70% of men’s suits are produced in fine fabrics with checked and striped motifs. The latest fashion trends see fabrics increasingly rich in repeated images, allover and prints. To serve the market with the finest quality products, very high standards must be met. A clear indication of the value of these men’s garments lies in the millimeter precision of the cut of the pieces of the model.


IRIS | Artificial vision and continuous cutting of plaid, stripes with defect detection


Continuous cutting of checked and striped fabrics and reading of defects

70% of men’s bespoke suits are created with plaid and striped fabrics. The Crea Solution vision and automatic cutting system IRIS is able to continuously cut the fabric by reading its defects and folds in order to perform an automatic nesting on board the machine with millimeter precision, without manual work and without machine stops.

  • Reading of fabric DEFECTS and automatic on-board nesting
  • Reading of CHECKS and LINES, even tone on tone and infinitely small
  • Possibility of DEFORMING the patterns to obtain a rigorous match between the various parts
  • CONTINUOUS cutting without machine stops


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