Looking for a 2D/3D CAD for pattern making and automatic size grading?

Check out how to speed up design with Crea Solution software suite.


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    CAD for pattern making and size grading

    Create™ is the Crea Solution 2D CAD Suite to create and modify patterns for fashion industry, fully integrate with 3D Browzwear CAD Lotta & VStitcher.

    • Garade size automatically
    • Design a whole pattern base in only 10 seconds thanks to the macro functions integrated in the CAD
    • Import and work on pattern created by other CADs
    • Accelerate your creative flow
    • Digitize your paper patterns in 4 different ways
    • Become a Crea CAD expert in ONLY 3 DAYS of training, thanks to the reduction of designing times, designers are able to fully express their creativity.


    Instant 3D simulation while designing

    The 2D / 3D integration allows working simultaneously on the pattern and on the 3D prototype. Immediately visualizing the garment and all the changes with real definition during the design let you to avoid the prototyping phase, speeding up the work flow considerably.

    With VStitcher, apparel companies are moving to true-to-life digital samples that remove productivity barriers, speed up time to market, and enhance sustainability.

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