Fabrics’ Artificial Vision

The most advanced artificial vision systems for checked and striped fabrics, panels, repeated images and leather.


Artificial vision of fabrics and leather

The R&D division of Crea Solution was founded in 2005 and since then has been enriched every year by a large team of specialists dedicated to the research for the most advanced solutions to speed up the production of soft materials companies. A special division is dedicated to the study of vision systems that can replace the precision of the human eye on the various surfaces. Today Crea Solution offers artificial vision systems capable of recognizing more than 35,000 cross stitches per square meter in checked fabrics, identifying the most imperceptible folds in the rolled fabric lying on the cutting machine, distinguishing the patterns or repeated images in the panels and checking the quality areas of a leather. This technology is based on AI Artificial Intelligence systems and perfectly integrated with the automated workflow proposed by Crea Solution, for example with automatic nesting that executes the nesting taking into account defects and conditions of the fabric and leather, or the storage on database of the pieces and leathers to allow a continuous cycle of uninterrupted cutting.


Optical recognition and cut of the leather

Discover our IVS software for the automatic nesting of the leather


Cutting of chequed and striped fabrics

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