Digital integration and the challenge for fashion companies: Missardi




In the current scenario, the fashion industry proves to be very volatile, trends are very dynamic, consumer preferences continue to change faster and faster: is it really possible to adapt to rapidly changing trends? For Missardi, digital integration seems to be the answer.


In this delicate phase of digitalization of the operational workflow it is necessary to have an IT partner who knows how to understand the needs of the client but above all that has the know-how and the development tools of integrations with extreme flexibility, which is a direct reflection of a lean management of the work.


Product manager- Missardi 

Missardi, one of the leading Italian fashion houses for clothing and accessories, has chosen Crea Solution to fully integrate the entire creative process from  CAD design and management of all product information through a PLM. To give more breath to creativity, quickly lay out storyboards and variations of clothes with realistic fabrics, Missardi’s creative department has chosen Tex Design, the solution for sketching Crea Solution, now used by more than 3500 designers all over the world. With this software you can create figurines and entire collections using a DB that administers the color palettes, easily creates allover and patterns, develops alternatives starting from a patternl in a few clicks. Thanks to the integration of this system with the PLM Tex Define this information is immediately stored in the central DB and available in real-time and via the web for the product office that will deal with the research of materials, fabrics and accessories. In turn, the product office can upload all this information and make it available on the PLM so that the pattern making area can take care of the industrialization of the garments by consulting all the necessary material. So Missardi’s pattern makers have all the information to create a pattern with Create, the CAD for pattern making in the blink of an eye. Immediately after the pattern is printed on a plotter and the prototype is created. Crea Solution also gives the possibility to integrate 3D CAD software, to PLM, in order to have the virtual fitting of items always in real-time. The total integration of the systems provided by Crea Solution pushes to the cutting room and allows to maximize the cut of fabric and leather.



To make the tool accessible to all players in the production chain, it is necessary to take advantage of the latest WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) technologies, that is, to have a technical data sheet exactly the same as what is displayed on the monitor.


IT Manager – Missardi


The integration of the PLM to the ERP guarantees operational, logistic control and a fluid and continuous management , giving companies the opportunity to create, revisit and approve all the elements,  specifications of a pattern for the production. This area has traditionally been dominated in the recent past by PDM systems (and still) and allows to concentrate in a single environment specific techniques, bills of materials, patterns, notes, drafts and more. Even costing is important from the beginning in the product development process.

Missardi decided to integrate the whole process into a single customized PLM on the specific needs of management. Sharing information at all levels of the company allows a rapid advancement of the collection and generates many benefits. The integration and customization of PLM on business needs and tools (CAD, ERP, Sketching …) played a fundamental role for the correct involvement of all departments.

Today it is necessary to accelerate time-to-market through lean communication without data redundancy throughout the production chain, from design to sales. Fundamental in this delicate step for us was to find an IT Partner able to analyze the business logic and develop integrations between PLM, ERP, CAD and SKETCHING measured on our goals. We found this partner in Crea Solution.

General Director – Missardi