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The software that manages the whole tailor-made garment from order to delivery.


Quality craftsmanship, automated production

This CAD tool was developed to support companies operating in the MTM industry to reduce tailor-made design times. It allows you to simply enter different measurements or totals instead of manually editing every piece of the model according to the client’s requests. In just a few clicks, you get a customized pattern without having to manually edit lines, points, rules, and notches. You can customize the range of measurements for each garment.


Many tools, all in one platform

Creafit™ Plus does not only automate the manufacturing process of a tailor-made garment, but it also takes care of its whole value chain, from the moment in which the item is ordered to when it is delivered. The software is also perfectly integrated with DB, CRM, ERP, MRP and CAD systems. Once the measurements of the clients are entered, the software will automatically identify the patterns to draw from and will adapt them. It will edit the model on its own, taking care of nesting and dividing it according to fabric and color, other than working out quality management directives. The order will be processed along with all the others and placed in a cutting line.


From the order in a store to cutting the fabric in 120 seconds

Creafit ™ is perfectly integrated with e-commerce platforms and brick-and-mortar stores where a company, a dealer or an end customer decide to place the order of an item with customized measurements and features. The order is collected in a powerful database which automatically sends it to the company’s information systems, from the business division (CRM), to the management division (ERP), to the logistics and fabrics warehouse (MRP), to the modeling department (CAD) where the model’s modifications are processed, up to the cutting room. The whole process, excluding cutting, takes about two minutes per garment, without ever losing the tailoring quality of each single product.


Artificial intelligence for the optical recognition of striped and chequed fabrics

Discover Match™, the optical recognition system that uses artificial intelligence to recognize and nest patterns on fabrics decorated with squares, stripes or patterns of images.

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