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CAD Made to measure

The software that manages the whole tailor-made garment from order to delivery.


From order in the shop to the fabric cut in 120 seconds

From measurements in the shop, to made to measure pattern creation, to automatic nesting, to artificial vision of the fabric and cutting, in just 120 seconds. This process is 100% automated and does not require skilled labor. The Creafit CAD for tailored clothing is integrated with the company’s information systems from the commercial area (CRM), to the management area (ERP), to the logistics and fabric warehouse (MRP), to the modeling area (CAD) where the modification of the model is processed independently, up to the cutting room.


Full automation of made to measure

Creafit is the CAD that automates the creation of the made to measure patterns. Once the customer’s measurements have been entered, the system will extract the models from which to obtain the garment and define their characteristics. It will carry out the modification of the pattern autonomously, nesting it and dividing it according to the type of fabric and color, as well as elaborating the management rules for quality. The order will be processed together with all the others and placed in a cutting queue.


Artificial vision and automatic cutting of plaid and striped fabrics

The Crea Solution vision system uses artificial intelligence to recognize and place patterns on checked fabrics, stripes or repeated images.

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