Our mission: your peace of mind.

Human relations are of vital importance to us: that is why our company will not only provide you with excellent solutions, but also with reliable partners to accompany you in your growth. To us, every client is special.


A professional is always by your side

Our solutions are specifically designed to make our customers’ lives easier. Our app support team works hard to pinpoint the best solutions to every possible software or hardware issue. The support contract will allow you to have an experienced professional always by your side.

We offer both On-line and On-site support contracts to our clients. These contracts are renewed on a yearly basis and ensure you will be assisted within 48 hours in case of shutdowns or any other needs related to your automatic cutting system, CAD tools or plotter.

In our warehouses, we always store supplies of spare parts, consumables such as plotter ink, nibs, cartridges, automatic cutter parts and so forth. Our company will always be at your side in understanding the problem and helping you find the right spare part.

Do you need support or any spare parts? CALL US or EMAIL US


Our know-how is at your service.

The only way to benefit from an exceptional tool is learning how to use it at its full potential. Our team of trainers has a longstanding experience in designing patterns and possesses an in-depth knowledge of all of our software tools. They will be ready to help you develop a deeper understanding of our products, both with training days and shoulder to shoulder support during operations. You can choose between individual or group intensive training in CAD, 3D CAD, PLM at our Headquarters.

Do you need support or any spare parts? CALL US or EMAIL US


Updating your software and drivers is very important.

The latest updates are always available with the software update package. From the moment you subscribe, all of the updates will be made available as soon as they are released. Crea Solution will notify you via email or phone call about all the new features of the major and minor versions of our software tools.


Our values are innovation, flexibility and passion

Our customers know they have a transparent and adaptable partner who is ready to meet their needs by providing them with products or projects with state-of-the-art technology.

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