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Patterns’ digitization

The fastest solutions for digitizing patterns.


Survey and Draw

The digitization of patterns and the ability to modify them immediately with CAD softwares are processes which speed up the design of garments. We give our customers the ability to digitize templates with a special optical pen, a photo-digitizer, or a scanner. The Draw ™ and Survey ™ software tools have been designed to detect templates with pinpoint precision and to make them fully editable with CAD softwares immediately after recognition. These software tools can also analyze the structure of the patterns and recognize their components, such as notches, inner lines, or holes.

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A digitizer pen with optical sheet for quick and precise digitization of the pattern. It runs on the Draw software.


It is a camera capable of detecting templates. Via Survey it can export the acquired information into DXF-AAMA format.


We provide our customers with the best scanners which, combined with Survey, are the fastest digitization tools ever.


Discover the most sophisticated 2D CAD system for creating and modifying patterns.

Create™ is the next-generation software for creating, editing, and grading patterns which provides intuitive and effective tools both for creating new patterns and storing existing ones.

2D CAD for Fashion


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