The famous Vitali Fashion School chooses Crea Solution to start the Master in 3D Fashion Engineering



Scuola di Moda Vitali : Since 1957 teaching innovation

The Vitali fashion institute is one of the few fashion schools operating in Italy since 1957. The professional courses and masters in fashion engineering organized by the school are aimed at those who want to learn all those technical and artistic knowledge useful for enter the apparel industry.

Since its founding in 1957, this fashion institute has always provided its students with the right know-how, to make them extremely competitive in the fashion industry, from sketching to CAD technologies for clothing.

Master in Fashion Engineering: CAD 3D

In 2020 the master in Fashion Engineering has been launched and it’s dedicated to 3D CAD, a very important tool within the workflow of fashion houses. Through 3D Browzwear CAD courses, students will finally be able to include in their curriculum the ability to design virtual prototypes and therefore the ability to drastically reduce the development time of a garment or an entire collection.


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VStitcher CAD 3D

VStitcher ™ is the solution that has replaced the prototyping of garments in the fashion system. You can get a realistic fitting of the garment with a real simulation of the pressure on the body and the tension and elasticity of the fabric. A wide range of mannequins is available, customizable in more than 20 poses and parameterized. Companies using this software found a 35% time to market reduction and drastically reduced the production of prototypes.