Crea Solution @SaigonTex 2019 Hall A-1 Booth 1G-1





Crea Solution is attending Saigon Tex 2019, Vietnam 


Hall A-1 Booth 1G-1 Hosted by HOANG MA  CO., LTD.  –  (VIETNAM) /HOSHIMA GROUP


It will be an excellent opportunity to see and touch Crea Solution software solutions oriented towards the fashion industry, composite materials, automotive, leather accessories and made to measure / bespoke.




Undisputed tailoring quality, automated production

Tailor-made tailoring consists of different and complex processing phases. Automating these processes has been a challenge that Crea Solution has accepted by designing integrated solutions for tailors or large fashion houses that offer this service to their customers. Creafit ™ allows you to automate the creation of the model at 100% simply by entering the measurements of the end customer. Today it is possible to collect in a database all the personal data, measurements, models and orders of countless clients, integrate this information with PLM or ERP and automate the production of the garment, from design to placement and cutting.


CAD 2D AUTOMOTIVE – Create™ Automotive

Speed up product development with Create

The Automotive sector is one of the most demanding both from the point of view of cost control and production optimization. For Crea Solution, meeting the needs of this market has been a natural path. By providing a consolidated know-how, it has extended its expertise by designing solutions specifically for this sector, which support the suppliers of seats and interiors, in leather or synthetic materials, ensuring cost control and great operational efficiency. Create ™ Automotive has a direct importer of Autodesk proprietary format to improve communication and interconnection between systems as well as accelerate design performance.


CAD 2D COMPOSITE MATERIALS –  Create™ Composites

Maximum productivity with Create

The characteristics that distinguish composite materials are the high cost of raw materials and the need to optimize their use. Minimizing development and production times is a fundamental necessity for manufacturers in this sector. Crea Solution provides its vast experience by offering solutions to create efficiency throughout the production process and remain competitive. In fact, Create ™ Composites is the innovative system for creating the most complex parts through composite materials.


CAD 2D FASHION –  Create™

Set your creativity free with Create

Create™ is the next-generation software for the creation, edit, and grading of patterns, capable of providing intuitive and effective tools to create new patterns and storing existing ones. The pattern maker is assisted by various work tools and commands to help them in their own creations. Icons and tools are organized in a functional way, simplifying the management of internal features such as notches, buttons and holes. Thanks to the reduction of designing times, designers are able to fully express their creativity.